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I’m Jonathan and sometimes, when I’m not staring out of the window; making a coffee; checking what other members of my family are up to; daydreaming; snacking; making another coffee; checking social media; making more coffee; and procrastinating, I can be found at my Author HQ (my desk at home in London) tapping away at my keyboard making up Fantasy stories.  

So if you’re interested in adventure and magical mayhem, you’re in the right place. 

Buckle up and enjoy the ride! 

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Queen of Mirrors

Magical mayhem and adventures abound when a girl and a goblin are pursued by an evil queen determined to destroy them both.

What would you do if you suddenly found a goblin in your school bag?

He’s arrogant and rude but can perform magic and will take you on wild adventures.

He’s on the run from an evil queen and needs your help to save his world.

Hannah Edwards, a teenager from London, is bored with regular family life and with school. She loses herself in fantasy novels and dreams of adventure. But everything changes when she’s plunged into a world of troublesome trolls, uncivilised unicorns, dangerous dragons, and an epic struggle as she tries to protect the goblin and his friends.

When her home is attacked, it becomes personal. But will Hannah face up to her responsibilities and risk everything, including her own life, to do what is right?

Queen of Mirrors is a humorous, modern day, coming of age adventure for everyone.

If you like flawed heroes, sarcasm, a strong female lead, and magic, you need to read Queen of Mirrors to find out what Hannah did…


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The Master of Carn

A deadly race to defeat a powerful wizard possessed by an evil demon, which wants to destroy an ancient order that has brought peace to the Galaxy for generations.

During a childhood accident on the isolated, inhospitable planet where he grows up, Jerreck becomes possessed by a demon that hungers for power at all costs. Realising that Jerreck has latent magical powers but must learn to use them, the demon conceals itself, biding its time until it can possess Jerreck and control him. 

Years later, it strikes and as the violence escalates, only a small group of friends have the power to stop the demon. They are in a deadly race to prevent it from destroying everything that they hold dear, including Jerreck himself.

The Master of Carn is a dark, epic fantasy thriller about friendship, love, power, and destruction.