My name is Jonathan B Evans and I am a fantasy author whose author HQ (or the desk in my study) is at the edge of London – as far as you can go without straying into the countryside. And sometimes, when I’m not staring out of the window; making a coffee; checking what other members of the family are up to; daydreaming; snacking; making another coffee; checking social media; making more coffee; and procrastinating, I can be found there tapping away at my keyboard making up stories.  

I originally started writing stories for my two daughters when they were young teenagers, and I was looking for a distraction from my boring day job. That was many years ago and I wrote mostly on the train commuting to London Bridge every day.

That was so long ago in fact, they have both grown up, been to university and have flown the nest. But I have kept returning to the manuscripts I wrote and have spent hours, days, years even, editing; getting people to read them; changing them; honing them; and generally messing around; until this point, when I’ve finally decided enough is enough – it’s time to let go and set them free on an audience.

I hope you enjoy them.

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Best wishes